The Price Agreement Plan

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Changes in cost estimates: Given the increased financial risk to the university, which is inherent in fixed-rate contracts, and the need to reduce significant residual balances, cost estimates should be made with caution. The use of OMB 2 CFR 200`s calculation practices and standards, even in the case of fixed-price contracts, will help the university offset the need to limit financial risk and reduce significant residual balances. There may be several different approaches to getting a fixed price, but all approaches have the same goal. The objective is to adequately compensate for the risk between the client and the advisor with a risk premium covering uncertainties and contingencies. It estimates the materials and the time it takes to complete the project. A risk premium also protects against unexpected surprises that may occur in a project. Estimates should not be provided lightly, as they tend to stay in the customer`s mind for a long time. A fixed price contract with economic adjustment can only be used if the contractor finds it necessary to protect the contractor and the government from significant changes in labour or equipment costs, or to provide for an adjustment in the contract price in the event of a change in the prices set by the contractor. b) The planned redefinition of the price for subsequent benefit periods at a specified time or date during the performance.

Contract Officer Office of Sponsored Programs Boise State University 1910 University Drive Boise, ID 83725-1135 Email: Phone: (208) 426-4420 Fax: (20 8) 426-1048 Another type of contract used in the construction industry is a time and equipment contract that sets an agreed rate (usually every hour or day) and involves additional expenses incurred over the life of the project. Finally, thought price contracts are a type of contract often used by federal authorities and which, during the tendering process, set a price for a predetermined quantity of the items used, and contractors are paid at a unit price. Such contracts, however, remain popular despite a history of failed or turbulent projects, although they tend to work when costs are known in advance. Some laws have been written that impose a preference for fixed-price contracts, but many claim that these contracts are in fact the most expensive, especially if the risks or costs are unknown. [1] Tom Enders, the German CEO of Airbus, said that the fixed-price contract for the A400M transport aircraft was a disaster rooted in naivety, excessive enthusiasm and arrogance: “If you had proposed it to an American armament company like Northrop, they would have been a mile away.”

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