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Santander thank you for giving me good financing of the agreement on my car, I have no problem with this company again. Loan paid early no probs all happy. Car was in budget car was pre-selected in the apens was good and early payment in separate lump sums reduced repayments and interest resumed… the service was professional from start to finish… Again, thank you very much. The idea of looking at your budget may seem daunting and it may even be something you`ve never done before, but it`s your first step to getting back on track if you`re worried about your finances. When you talk to us, we already know what you earn and how much you spend, which helps us provide more personal support. It can also help you quickly find ways to save money, and start reducing your debt immediately. I opened an account with them less than…

I opened an account with them less than 3 weeks ago, remember that I have already customered in the past with them for a year and I decided to close the account because they never wanted to upgrade my account, this to 2013, now my father and I bet in a casino Ladbrokes, we won 2,600 euros on his account What happened , he sent me 1000 dollars, then I deposited 20 dollars on the Sunvegas casino and earned 2000 dollars that I cashed in for the anti-money laundering method, so my Santander card, which I contacted yesterday, was contacted and told me that they had blocked my account for 80 days, that I had time to contact Cifas, that there was apparently a fraud under my name that I did not know , and I don`t even know what that would mean. “For this reason, I asked for proof of the source,Wich I now need to give my father account balance nationally, which he has been banking since 2013 and a statement of sun vegas on my 2000 dollars profit, where they can see and check any money are legitimate, so I think they want to withdraw money from customers during this pandemic , by Ain`t rich customers,I have brought all the Wich evidence I will bring to the subsidiary and ready to complain and seek redress because they cause me financial problems simply because I have had this brand of fraud, without there being any suspicious transaction in or out of my account. Please note that in England, banks and businesses no longer act properly, whether you are a private or a business customer.

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