Prenuptial Agreements England

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There is a prejudice that a marriage agreement puts a marriage on the wrong foot and actually increases the likelihood of a divorce later. It`s not true. A recent YouGov poll showed that for the majority of people, knowing what would happen if a marriage were to end actually makes no difference to the chances of that happening. Only 18% of respondents said they felt it would increase the chances of divorce. Marriages have the form of a written agreement between a couple before marriage. The purpose of a prenup is to determine ownership of all the couple`s property (fortune, money and property) and explains how these assets are divided in the unfortunate case of a divorce. Marriage contracts must be signed before the wedding. If a couple gets married and decides to want protection similar to that offered in a marriage contract, they can instead sign a “post-uptial agreement”. It is essentially the same legally, but it can be done later. A marriage agreement (sometimes called prenup) is a contract that you and your partner entered into before the marriage. The intention is to sketch the ownership of your respective property in the unfortunate event that the marriage should fail and end in divorce. It`s basically a “who gets what” deal, but like anything that has to do with marriage, divorce and separation, it`s more than that. At present, a marriage agreement is not legally binding in the United Kingdom, but it is likely that a judge will heed the treaties and maintain them as long as they are sure that certain controls have been put in place.

These controls include the assurance that both parties have received independent legal advice, that they have both fully disclosed their assets and that neither party was forced to sign the agreement. This includes the language used – the text should not indicate or suggest bias. This will probably be taken up by a lawyer or a judge who may consider this to be the cause of the nullity of the marriage agreement. However, you might look at the statistics and consider the idea of reaching a valid marital agreement in the UK, as well as insurance for critical illnesses – unpleasant and hopefully unnecessary, but useful to have it in the worst case scenario. There is a widespread misunderstanding that marital agreements are only for the rich and celebrities: businessmen or celebrities who want to protect their property. Prenups often appear in the news when famous couples divorce. If you are thinking about getting married and want to know if a prenup is for you, talk to one of our lawyers who would like to discuss the matter with you.

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