National Disability Agreement Review

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All agreements, strategies and plans must be consistent and linked and include clear statements of purpose and scope. Tanti said that NDS particularly welcomed the recommendation to invite governments to formulate and publish the programmes that will be integrated into the NDIS and how they will support people with disabilities who are not covered. However, Chris Tanti, CEO of the NDS, agreed that the current NDA was no longer at his service and that a new agreement was needed. National Disability Services, the national high-level organization for disability non-governmental organizations, said the NDA was the appropriate mechanism to link different policy areas, including the National Disability Strategy, NDIS elements and other state disability initiators. This is the Commission`s first review of sectoral agreements between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories. “We also clearly support the reorientation of the NDA as a personnel-centric document that reflects the ongoing change in placing people with disabilities, their families and caregivers at the centre of services and assistance…. to unify and guide all aspects of disability policy in Australia and to reflect the role of the National Disability Strategy and the NDIS. “There are about 3.8 million people with disabilities in Australia who are not supported by the NDIS,” he said at the report`s presentation on Friday. This study is a review of the NDA and the first review of agreements by the Productivity Commission.

The report contains our proposals for a new revitalized NOA, which would bring together all elements of national disability policy. Ultimately, the agreement and implementation of a new NOA is the responsibility of the Australian government and the state and territory government. There should be a line of reporting to COAG on progress on disability in Australia. These reports should include a breakdown of key areas of reform such as the NDIS. “The NDA is the most appropriate mechanism to link the national disability strategy, key elements of NDIS bilateral agreements and other state commitments to create an inclusive society for people with disabilities. Councils caution that the transition to NDIS disability services will be costly.

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