How To Renew Tenancy Agreement In Singapore Without Agent

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You have a clear idea of what the real estate agency and broker should do if you facilitate your rental transaction. Chang, it depends on the situation. Officially, the tenant signed the lease and paid the deposit. I think you should try to contact him and find out the reason for your absence. If the tenant has a legitimate reason and you think you are satisfied, you can continue. However, if the tenant does not show up and does not notify him, you can notify him of the termination of the contract after 1-2 weeks. In case the tenant does not show up, it would still be a good idea to continue. Thank you for your comment! It is recommended to have your own realtor to go through LE, at least for the first time as a tenant in Singapore. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, sticky situations can arise if you do not repair or if you do not agree to certain conditions with your real estate agent before signing a rental agreement. During the shed period, my agent owner found a small crack on the solid surface of the rock in the kitchen and pulled half of the deposit without my confirmation.

He only shared the information in emails and he is not discussed properly with us about it. When I try to negotiate for them, he reissues the subject and says that after a week`s break, the house is not well cleaned of the delivery date, and they also say that for such damages the tenants have to pay for what I`m not sure is true or not. However, there are also many good agents out there who will continue to help connect to the tenant and all the supply or repair work that needs to be done. Especially if they know that there will be the possibility of repeating business or several leases through transfers. So they help to do these things as a unique value to increase the service they offer. In this case, these hard agents should be rewarded and it is fair to pay them the renewal commission. If you have such an agent at your fingertips, it`s always worth keeping this working relationship, because managing multiple features is not an easy task and it may be worth having a responsible party to manage this so you can avoid other headaches. Hello Adam, I would like to know if the lease was signed, the deposit and the first month`s rent was paid, but the apartment was not ready to pay the agreed rent. The lessor must have, at the request of the tenant, no less than two (2) calendar months before the expiry of the tenancy agreement established here and if there is no violation or non-compliance with any of the agreements existing on the date of this application and the tenant`s provisions grant the tenant a tenancy agreement for an additional period of one (1) year from the end of the tenancy agreement thus created at the end of the tenancy agreement thus created market rentals and on the same terms. In the event that the lessor gives the tenant an extension of the aforementioned period, the lessor and the tenant will pay either the agency`s renewal fee:i) at the current industrial rate plus GST; or (ii) S—Global Renewal Commission payable S – Necessary advice… I`m afraid that while this is definitely the sanest option, if the LL refuses to fix it, or wants to take its sweet time, we can legally get out of ta and have a good case to recover our bail in its entirety?? I accept that the latter cannot happen, but it seems so unfair and I would be willing to go to a little dish of claiming about it, but will they be black and white and say, “You dissolved the TA without LL`s permission, unlucky” or will they take into account the fact that the place is not too deliverable! Zoey, I hope you`ll do good.

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