Georgia Composite Medical Board Np Protocol Agreement

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The Board of Nursing FAQ contains links to information on mandatory authorities and protocol agreements ( Currently, APRNs are not able to work independently in a Community in Georgia where there is no doctor to monitor them, Nelson says. And because many communities do not have hospitals or doctors, an immeasurable number of Georgians remain without access to quality medical care. But Nelson says that if restrictions were lifted, APRNs could settle in some of Georgia`s most affected areas, where many people now have limited access to medical care and are medically at risk. If an APRN practices OCGA 43-34-23 under Georgian law, the APRN sees the patient, makes the diagnosis(s), determines the course of treatment, and then calls a prescription to the pharmacy under the name of their cooperating doctor – just like a nurse or medical assistant. The same applies when the doctor has not evaluated the patient at all. A protocol agreement is signed under OCGA version 43-34-23 of the Act and kept on site, but it is not sent to the Medical Board, so no fees are required. “[We] do not believe that the circumstances warrant an extension of the scope of the APRNs, taking into account that the Medical Council of Georgia can expedite protocol agreements as it deems appropriate,” says Dr. Andrew Reisman, president of the Georgia Medical Association. “MAG members continuously monitor the staffing needs of the public health system.” Bills to expand the scope of mid-level medical providers (trained non-physicians) are submitted annually to the General Assembly of Georgia. Proponents of these laws say the changes would improve public access to medical care.

And this catch could put at risk some rural medical practices that are already rare in many counties. “Georgia`s practical laws APRN remain some of the most restrictive in the nation,” Whitten says. Georgian law requires APRNs to have a protocol agreement with an attending physician and additional monitoring requirements. “Under OCGA version 43-34-25 of the act, APRN signs its own name on revenues. . . .

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