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The court upheld the ecological balance sheet, which specifically required the employee to follow and fulfill all instructions, to fully fulfill his or her obligations and responsibilities, and to be present promptly and regularly. The ACA also provided that the employee would be immediately dismissed if he or she did not meet the conditions of the ALCA; that it is closely monitored and must accept surveillance; That he is expected to show up for work at the scheduled time and be ready for work; and that he complies with all oral and written directives, procedures, instructions and instructions communicated by the administration and / or the hierarchical superior. The Tribunal found that the employer had a legitimate reason to make the worker`s continued employment conditional on the ecological balance. A recently released decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals, Jewett v. Mesick Consolidated School District, no. 348407, 2020 WL 3005995 (Moi. Ct. App. June 4, 2020) highlights why an employer should consider an ecological balance when it has made a decision to dismiss an employee, even in a non-union situation. The applicant brought an action against the employer for discrimination on grounds of disability. As a context and prior to the complaint, the employer made available to the applicant an ecological assessment as a precondition for his continued employment, in order to avoid the dismissal of the employee.

However, the employee refused to sign the ecological balance sheet and instead resigned. In the complaint, the employee argued that he had been constructively dismissed, that is, he had been forced to resign because one of the provisions of the proposed ecological balance would have required him to comply with “all oral and written instructions”. In the light of the facts of that case, the Court concluded that there was simply no basis for concluding that this line alone would render the worker`s working conditions unbearable, a precondition for a constructive dismissal request. However, the Court held that if an ecological balance caused the worker a substantial loss of benefits, such as for example. B the obligation for the worker to waive the rights of trade union appeal or any future decision could be an unfavourable employment measure and could therefore be discriminatory. The employer should ensure that it terminates a worker for violating the ecological balance for valid reasons. In other words, he will want to make sure that he has strong evidence that the ACA has been violated and that the offense is an essential offense. . . .

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