Esa Collective Agreement

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However, there are situations where you do not have to include your union or follow the process in your collective agreement. (a) a part or provision of this Act, which is considered part of a collective agreement under section 3, or b) a provision of the subsection (6), provides that the Employment Standards Act applies to all regulated provincial workers who are not excluded by regulation and defines the statutory reference to workers under a collective agreement. It is important to know what your collective agreement says: if you have a complaint against your employer about your rights in the contract, you must follow the trial in the collective agreement in the usual practice. The amendment imposes a greater obligation on the employer than in the collective agreement; Or if you are an employer, you need to understand how the collective agreement overlaps with the law. If workers represented by a union and therefore their conditions of employment are covered by a collective agreement, the ASE can only have a minimum demand. For more information on the application of the law to workers covered by a collective agreement, see Section 3 of the Act. For more information on the workplace of workers covered by a collective agreement, see collective agreements and fact sheets on the Labour Standards Act. Workers covered by a collective agreement with certain provisions that meet or exceed the rights required by the ESA are subject to their collective agreement for these matters. If you need help understanding the agreement, ask your union representative. Your union representative should provide you with a copy of the collective agreement and help you understand your rights as a union member. The legislation currently provides for agreements in 20 different contexts.

This section discusses the application and adequacy of individual agreements to alternative standards in general, but not the specific appropriateness of agreements in a particular context. For example, consultation with the staff agreement on changes in working time is explained in section 5.3.1 – Hours of work and overtime pay.

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