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(name of worker`s state), old age, Filipino and resident (state address), designated here as an employee. 4.This testing activity does not entitle you to benefits that are granted only to ordinary and permanent employees, except those which the company, according to its policy and discretion, covers to all workers, regardless of their status and statutory benefits; Can we know if you also have a form template for regular employees. Thank you. This agreement sets out all the terms of the agreement. B such as work obligations, salary and benefits, working time, confidentiality and other key terms specific to each type of job, such as. B: 1. They must be suspended for a period of six (6) months starting with the company on the first business day. During your testing work, you work with us on the test to determine your fitness for regularization. Your transformation into permanent status is mainly conditional and depends on your satisfactory service and the performance of the work entrusted to you and it is at the discretion of the company, determine whether this service is being provided satisfactorily and that you have been able to meet our established standards of regularization, the following criteria: reliability, reliability, efficiency, initiative, attitude towards work/public/company, cooperation, customer response, judgment, punctuality, quality/quantity of work, education, articulation and professionalism; At the end of the six-month trial period, the employee becomes a full-time employee of the company, based on the recommendations of the superior/direct manager, who is entitled to all the benefits and corporate privileges enjoyed by ordinary employees; Employment contracts are an essential part of activity in the Philippines and define the rights and obligations of employers and workers.

In addition, Philippine labour law grants female workers 78 days of paid maternity leave and 7-day paid paternity leave for male workers, which guarantees equal rights for all. However, the right to overtime pay depends on the nature of a worker`s duties and obligations. The following workers are not entitled to overtime pay or other minimum working conditions set out in the labour code. As a general rule, employment contracts are in English, but an employer must provide an alternating contract to filipino if a worker is a Filipino national – in order to properly communicate the exact terms of the contract. In addition, the treaty must clearly state the conditions of employment, in order to avoid any confusion or future dispute. Philippine law recognizes two categories of “cause”: a just cause and an authorized cause from which an employee`s contract can be terminated.

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