Draft Agreement To Sell Flat

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Part 1 has declared in Part 2 that the dwelling in question is self-acquired dwelling of Part 1, in which its heirs, successors, family members or other persons have no rights, title, interests or concerns of any kind and, as such a party, is fully entitled to enter into this contract and transfer all rights in favor of Party No. 2 to the conditions agreed between the parties and are as follows: – 12. Party No 1 also exercised a general power in respect of that dwelling to conclude the sale in its favour or in favour of its candidate after the registration of the deed of transfer of the apartment in question. 11. That Party No. 1 admits that it has no right, title, interest or concern of any kind in the above-mentioned dwelling. 2. Part 1 shall provide Part No. 2, that the aforementioned dwelling is exempt from all kinds of charges such as pre-sale, donations, mortgages, disputes, disputes, suspension decisions, seizures, communications, acquisition, royalties, pledges, guarantees, securities, HUF, Benami, property or other registered or unregistered charges, and if this fact is found differently, which means that part or all of the above-mentioned apartment is owned by Party No. 2 Party No. 1 will compensate for the damage suffered by Party No.

2. 4. The fact that Part 1 has also exercised general power and irrevocable special advocates with respect to said housing in favour of Part 2 and that all such acts of counsel remain irrevocable in the future, Part 1 also has various other court documents in favour of Part 2. 2 and all these documents, namely: will, receipt, guarantee of exemption, etc., also remain irrevocable in all circumstances. . . .

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