Delta American Express Agreement

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“This is a true partnership that is imbued with shared values, strong relationships and a 23-year history,” said Stephen J. Squeri, President and CEO of American Express. “We are very pleased to expand our agreement to ensure that so many of American Express` unique assets and skills are combined with Delta`s large and dedicated customer base to drive growth for both companies. We will work together in our card, trade and travel businesses to develop the partnership, and we believe it is still a very attractive platform for growth, bringing significant benefits to our customers, partners and shareholders. American Express expects an attractive growth economy over the life of the agreement and has confirmed its forecast for 2019 for FX adjusted revenue growth of 8 to 10 percent and adjusted earnings per share of between $7.85 and $8.35, subject to possible contingencies and legal comparisons1. The profitability of the new conditions is not expected to have a significant impact on American Express` first quarter results. For delta, these risks and uncertainties include, among other things, the cost of aviation fuel; Availability of aviation fuel The effects of the fuel safety activity, including the reorientation of our hedging portfolio, the collection of market adjustments or the posting of guarantees related to our fuel guarantee contracts; The performance of our significant investments in airlines in other parts of the world; The potential effects of accidents involving our aircraft; Injuries or security vulnerabilities in our computer systems Disruptions in our IT infrastructure our dependence on technology in our businesses; restrictions that could be imposed in our financing agreements for our financial and commercial activities; Work issues The impact of weather, natural disasters and seasonality on our business; The effects of a prolonged interruption of services provided by third parties; the nullity or inability of the insurance company to cover a significant liability in Monroe`s coach`s refinery; The impact of environmental legislation on the coaches` refinery, including costs related to standard renewable fuels rules; Our ability to retain important executives and employees damage to our reputation and brand when we are exposed to significant negative advertisements through social media; the effects of terrorist attacks or geopolitical conflicts; Conditions of competition in the aviation sector; Interruptions or disruptions at the major airports where we operate; The impact of comprehensive government regulation on our business; the sensitivity of the aviation industry to prolonged periods of stagnation or weak economic conditions; Uncertainty about the economic conditions and regulatory environment in the United Kingdom regarding the UK`s withdrawal from the European Union; and the effects of the rapid spread of contagious diseases.

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