Cyber Security Services Agreement

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As part of providing services, IQPC may be required to contact you by email (see our privacy policy to learn more about communications). You agree to receive account-specific emails that are necessary for the normal operation of the IQPC service, including a series of welcome emails of up to five, informing new users of the various features of the IQPC service. You also agree to have your name and/or email address in the header of some of the communications you initiate via the IQPC service. They agree that IQPC can immediately terminate its IQPC account and access to the IQPC service without notice. Without limitation of the above, the result is a termination of the use of the IQPC service by IQPC: (a) violations or violations of this contract of use or other registered agreements or directives, b) requests from repressive authorities or other government authorities, c) a request for your (self-cancellation of account), (d) technical problems or unexpected problems and (e) periods of inactivity. The termination of your IQPC account means deleting access to all offers within the IQPC service and can also ensure that the USE of the IQPC service continues. In addition, you agree that all terminations are made at the sole discretion of IQPC and that IQPC is not liable for the damage suffered. ARIA software, products, technologies and services are subject to U.S. and offshore export control laws and regulations. The customer and ARIA will comply with these laws and regulations regarding the use, export, re-export and transfer of software, products and technologies and will seek all necessary local and extraterritorial authorizations, authorizations or licenses.

This agreement can be updated regularly and the current version will be published on Your continued use of the products after the publication of a revised agreement constitutes your consent to their terms. The fee charged by NetWatcher for services is set in this contract or online service order. . The services ordered (and the customer`s responsibility for the fees) begin on the first day netWatcher: (i) established communication with the sensors and (ii) verified the availability of customer information (as defined in section 7.2.1) on the NetWatcher customer portal (the “Service-Start” date); if the customer`s liability for the service upgrade fee begins on the first day NetWatcher has made such an upgrade available to the customer. Unless netWatcher and the customer agree otherwise, the payment is made by credit card identified for payment of services (or a valid replacement provided by the customer).

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