Call Of Duty End User License Agreement

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The parts of the agreement apply to beta tests. If you participate in a beta test, the conditions of section 1.D.ii.3. replaces and governs any other part of this Agreement that may be at odds with the provisions of this section 1.D.ii.3. In addition, section 1.B.iv. and 1.B.v.3. of the agreement expressly excluded from the use of a beta. Thank you for your interest in Blizzard`s online gaming services and interactive games, as well as the interactive games from other developers (“licensees”) that make their games available via the Blizzard platform. (Blizzard games and licensees are collectively called “games” in this article.) The agreement sets out the conditions under which you are allowed to install and use the platform. As we use it here, the term “platform” refers collectively and sometimes individually to (1) Blizzard software application, (2) Blizzard gaming services, (3) of each game, (4) authorized mobile applications relating to games and service Blizzard, and (5) all functions and components of them, whether installed or used on a computer or mobile device. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO INSTALL, COPY OR USE THE BLIZZARD PLATFORM.

IF YOU DO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS AFTER YOUR PURCHASE OF A GAME FROM BLIZZARD, YOU MAY CONTACT BLIZZARD THROUGH HTTPS://US.BATTLE.NET/SUPPORT/EN/ TO INQUIRE ABOUT A FULL REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PREIS OF THAT GAME. IF YOU BOUGHT A GAME AT RETAIL, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO BACK ON THE GAME, SUBJECT TO THE RETURN POLICY. Activision does not guarantee, unless otherwise stated, that certain content containing product or service offerings will be available at any time or at any given time, or that Activision continues to offer content provided by products or services for a specified period of time. Activision may modify and update content provided by products or services without notice. Activision does not provide any guarantees or assurance that online features will be available and reserves the right to modify or discontinue its online product functions at its sole discretion, without notice, including, for example, the termination of an online service for economic reasons, as a limited number of users continue to use the online service over time. When you access Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected content, the software can automatically request media rights from an online rights server and download and install DRM updates so you can read the content.

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