Atu Local 107 Collective Agreement

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The city and the union had already announced a preliminary agreement on December 18, but had not made the details of the agreement public. The union, which represents 800 Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) bus drivers and mechanics, says its members voted to ratify a new collective agreement Friday night. In November, HSR drivers, mechanics and administrators voted overwhelmingly to reject a previous urban contract offer, following disagreements over wages, benefits and access to toilets for drivers along many bus lines. “I am proud to announce that the union has officially approved a four-year collective agreement with an 83 percent democratic vote for acceptance,” Eric Tuck, president of ATU Local 107, said in a press release posted on Twitter on Dec. 27. Members of amalgamated Transit Union Local 107 overwhelmingly supported and voted in favour of adopting a new contract between the union and the City of Hamilton. The new agreement was presented to union members on Monday, with a vote today. In a statement, Eric Tuck, president of ATU Local 107, said members have formally approved a four-year collective agreement with 83 percent for it. If you know you want to book a car in the caravan, we would love to have an idea of the numbers in advance. Please go to and let us know your email address and your local union. If for some reason we need to exceed our parking spaces at the town hall and look for additional spaces to gather, we might need to contact some people to gather nearby. If we do that, we will try to keep the people of the local unions united as much as possible The union that represents 800 transit workers in Hamilton, ATU Local 107, announced Friday that it had voted to ratify a new collective agreement.

This venue offers the greatest flexibility for pandemic planning: READ MORE: Hamilton transit workers are getting closer to a possible strike Regardless of the details we celebrate, we will always stand together. As the Christmas holidays approached, it was unclear whether or not transit workers would go on strike, which led the City to advise transit users to consider other transportation measures. Save my name, email address and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We are pleased to strengthen the discussion on the importance of sustainable federal funds for local public transportation. In addition, we are strengthening the links between workers and drivers to build solidarity and protect local public transport for the future. The Starlite allowed us to bring our own meal for the event. Please (as far as possible) bring your own waste. It is very likely that we will not offer food or drinks for sale on site. When a second wave occurs and we are limited to our cars, listen to the radio and eat a picnic with family or a friend, we are covered. Five places to celebrate this year`s New Year in Hamilton Your bargaining team has officially started collective bargaining! NOTE: As the city`s SEAT (Special Events) group does not allow large events due to unknown pandemic factors, there will be no roadblocks during this caravan. We will follow traffic lights and signs. Please share a lot with your members! (If you use Facebook, this is the best event link to sharing:

We hope to be there by noon. We leave at 14.m. You can`t camp until the movies are there. I`m sorry to disappoint smart people who have already planned for it. 🙂 WE CANNOT guarantee that the unions can be in a predetermined order during the caravan or park side by side during the drive-in. The best chance to make sure of this is to simultaneously enter the City Hall parking lot and have parking nearby….

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