A General Agreement Of Members Upon A Matter Of A Decision

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Power-sharing isn`t just about who`s talking when you make a decision! The consensual decision will be much easier if you are an entire group taking steps to effectively share power in the long run. Here we have listed some systems and habits that allow more people to get involved in the group and those involved to trust each other. Many of these tips also help a group work more efficiently. After freely discussing the topic, you can agree on what to do. If several members of the group regularly block, it is a sign for the whole group to see how they work together. Are there fundamental differences that mean it would be better to work than two separate groups? Or could it be useful to review the rules of the groups around the block? (See block variants for more information) In addition, our ability to find creative win-win solutions is often severely limited by the options available. Consensus does not remove restrictions such as unjust economy and laws. For example, a group of people might try to take more control over their lives by choosing to create a home and make decisions about how they live by consensus. Even if they have managed to make their internal decisions on an equal footing, an unjust society still limits the decisions they can make. For example, in many parts of the world, a lack of social housing, profits from landlords and banks, and raids on squats can make it very difficult to find a place to live. Clear process: It is important to have a clear decision-making process and to ensure that everyone has a common understanding of how they work.

The agreement or support of a group, an idea, a plan, etc. For example, write down the steps you will take to make a decision. Remind people at the beginning of each meeting and make available expressions of the consensus process and the agenda. You can also organize regular consensus workshops for new people as well as upgrade means for existing members. Consensus means being deeply honest with yourself and the rest of the group about what you really need and what is just a preference. The search for a solution usually depends on the flexibility of people with regard to their preferences in order to meet all the essential requirements. It takes a lot of confidence. Sometimes we have trouble expressing our needs, sometimes it`s difficult to let go of our preferences! It`s worth allowing time to develop social relationships and confront difficult dynamics to build trust, especially if you have big decisions to make together. Trust can also collapse if decisions are made and not implemented – in the section on accountability, you`ll find tips for ensuring accountability in your group. The goal of moderation is to help a group organize an effective and inclusive meeting. Moderators take on additional responsibilities to help a group go through this process and make decisions.

They focus on ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to be heard and to take their needs into account. Making good consensus decisions can take longer than voting, especially when a group is new. It may take some time to consider ideas before all objections are resolved, and some decisions may take more than one meeting. . . .

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