Walmart Canada Vendor Agreement

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Our client was delighted. There was only one small problem: in all his excitement about this great achievement, he had signed an agreement that included very unfavorable terms for his business and severely limited his ability to finance his Walmart bills and orders. The shipping conditions determine when you can invoice your customer and start the watch on the agreed terms. The shipping conditions also determine when your liability ends and the goods become the property and responsibility of your customer. Standard conditions include: the cargo port on board (FOB), which means that the customer takes possession of the goods on the quay in the country where the goods are manufactured and is responsible for the organization and payment of the shipment; FOB supplier WAREHOUSE, which means that you are responsible for bringing the goods from the port and delivering them to your warehouse where your customer`s truck picks them up; and the fob customer dock, which means that you are responsible for delivering the goods directly to your customer`s warehouse. When you create an account with a customer and receive a vendor number, you will be asked to provide the details of the transfer (where payment is to be made) and the method of payment (check or direct deposit/EFT). If you`re considering factoring your bills or using a third-party wealth-based lender, you`ll likely need to change your payment information to a bank account controlled by the wealth-based postman or lender. Implementing this change sometimes takes time to work your way through the customer`s organization and can be easier if you sign an agreement with the company in advance. If your questionnaire is approved, you will receive an email from a Walmart buyer within four weeks of submitting. The buyer will link you to the supplier`s contract. Before you submit the deal, be sure to take the time to talk about the following with your purchase: Blog » Shopify » walmart » Sell on Walmart Canada like a pro in just 6 steps! In addition to prepayment discounts, Walmart usually has a table in its supplier agreement that includes all other deductions and discounts.

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