Spotify Licensing Agreement Joe Rogan

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“It`s just a license agreement, so Spotify will have no creative control over the show. The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is launching exclusively on Spotify via a multi-year licensing agreement. Joe Rogan is bringing his podcast exclusively to Spotify Technology SA in a licensing deal worth more than US$100 million, according to a person familiar with the matter. “Joe Rogan just got the equivalent of more than 26 billion streams for a podcast license,” wrote Tom Gray, director of royalties, Music Copyright and Licensing Society, PRS for Music. Amid a flood of original content deals, Spotify`s exclusive deal with Joe Rogan`s widespread podcast was The Joe Rogan Experience. Obviously, Spotify wants JRE, launched in December 2009 because it`s one of the — if not the most popular podcasts — in the U.S. and a handful of other countries. (JRE is currently #2 on Apple`s list of podcasts in the US and #1 on Stitcher`s list of best podcasts.) The streaming giant paid well, $100 million for a multi-year licensing deal for global exclusivity. The company did not disclose financial details of the licensing agreement for the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” But the Wall Street Journal, citing an anonymous source, said it could be worth more than $100 million, based on podcast performance metrics and other factors. Important information1. Spotify`s licensing deal with the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast for $US 100 million can pay off by attracting fewer than 2 million subscribers. Think of three things when thinking about the JRE license agreement: Rogan told his 9.4m followers on Instagram today (May 19): “From the 1st.

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