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2. Where the person entitled to rent from a building is undoubtedly or in dispute, the tenant may, as prescribed, pay that rent, specifying the circumstances in which such a surety is paid, and until that doubt has been raised or settled by the decision of a competent court or by a transaction between the parties. , continue to pay the rent that may be due at a later date for such a building. c) When determining the fair tenancy of a building in accordance with Sections 5 or 6, the person in charge of the treatment must, at any time in the twelve months preceding the first day [December 1980], the rental rents in effect on site for an identical or similar dwelling, as well as the increase in repair costs and the increase in repair costs and , in the case of a building built after that date, to take due account of it. , also to any general increase in the costs of destructuring and de-structuring: It is now very easy to create an online rental contract. Online rentals are preferred to regular rentals because they are very short and easier. To create an online rental agreement, take a look at the next steps. (h) “tenant”: any person from whom the tenancy of a building`s account is due and who understands, provided that the court considers that the reasonable condition of such employment can be met for the most part by distributing the tenant of a part of the building and allowing the tenant to continue to fill the rest and that the tenant accepts such an occupation and that the tenant accepts the adoption. fair rent for the part of the tenant`s employment sets which part of the building will now be within the meaning of section 2, paragraph 2, point b), and the rent thus set is considered to be the reasonable rent set in accordance with Section 5; In addition to the online rental agreement, we also offer other revolutionary products such as startup package, online will, name change package, etc. Visit our page and take a look at our list of ready-to-use legal documents and discover our various products that might interest you. To create a rental agreement, click the button below and start.

(e) “fair rent,” the rental of a building fixed or redefined according to sections 5, 6 and 7. (ii) a person who occupies a building as an employee of the landlord of the building, either in exchange for the payment of rent or by other means; b) The fair rent of a building is determined in accordance with the rule set for this purpose.

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